Ways to Help

Passive Fundraisers

There are many ways to help raise money for Sprague High Band and Colorguard Boosters that can take place 24/7 and require no extra purchasing on your part! Below you will find some options available that anyone can do to help us raise funds.


Amazon Smile Shopping

When you shop at Amazon using this link, a percentage of the sale is donated to the Sprague Band. It’s really free money – it costs you nothing and the band gets a sales referral fee – typically between 4% and 6% of the total sale value. Absolutely anyone can use this link and help us earn the referral fee, so ask your friends and relatives to use our links also!


Bottle Drop

We have established a Bottle Drop account.  Contact us to get blue Bottle Drop bags with the Sprague High Band and Cologuard Boosters sticker.  We receive all proceeds from redeemed bags.  You can also instruct any amount in your personal Bottle Drop account to be directed to us.  When filling out the contact us form include your address so we know where to leave the bags.

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Shop with Scrip

Coming Soon!

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Sponsorships help us offset general operations costs: transportation, equipment purchase/maintenance, uniform cleaning, feeding student performers at competitions, supplemental instruction, etc.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Contact us or complete the sponsorship order form.

additional donations

Your donation will be used to help offset the general operating costs of the Sprague Band program.  Donated funds will also be applied in the form of financial aid to students in need to help reduce the cost of their participation in this program.  If you would like to have your donation go to a particular project or student, please specify that when making your donation.


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